ecube – CIMS


In 2018, ecube commissioned Josh to rebuild a failing system. Due to the small size of the business, the pain points had not been apparent until the company grew and more users came online. Josh investigated the issues and proclaimed “I could build you something better”. 4 years later, the system has evolved multiple times, migrated to the cloud and is now used in many different countries as the mission-critical operational and logistics system maintaining records and media of the hundreds of thousands of parts ecube handles.

In 2020, ecube faced significant networking issues with their St Athan base. Josh was brought in and after fixing the issues found significant issues spanning hardware, networking and 365. Further investigation found major security and compliance problems including failing IT partners. Over the next 18 months, Josh was able to revolutionise the infrastructure, increasing security and productivity by doing so. Josh continues to assist the internal IT team and advise on key decisions and implementations.

ecube – 365


Plane Reclaimers


Plane Reclaimers sells raw materials from aircraft as well as upcycled products created. Josh was able to create a website which turned into a booming success. The website has seen many improvements over the years including a full reskin and developments to support the complex logistics requirements for the unique parts.

Kale and Corn is a community green grocer’s and zero-waste shop. Josh created and manages their Google Workspace environment as well as hosting and developing their WooCommerce online shop and website.

Kale and Corn


Cliburn Station

2018, 2023

Cliburn Station is a lake district holiday cottage. Josh was contacted to develop the site further and improve their security and booking system. In the end, this involved a replacing the Joomla website which had been compromised with a brand new development. This work was completed in 2018 with more work scheduled for further developments in 2023.

Sky-High Skydiving is a business. Taf at Sky-High took creative lead whilst Josh was able to meet Taf’s criteria using WordPress and integrating their existing booking and dropzone management software. Using a widely used CMS enabled Sky-High to take the reigns and manage the website after Josh had delivered the product.

Sky-High Skydiving


Legend Club Management Systems


As part of the Newcastle University Computer Science course, Josh had a year in industry which was spent at Legend. As the leader in health club software, Josh gained valuable insight into the software development process and application lifecycle management. After starting the placement in QA, Josh moved into web development and was contributing to the production codebase from deploying new microservices and creating backend APIs or developing frontend features with Bootstrap and knockoutJS.